Kellen Playford

NUA [MA] Moving Image and Sound

SNU: Bibliography

SNU - Copy

During the SNU module…






Filmmaking Techniques:

IFH: The Film Look With DSLR
NFS: Best Camera Settings for DSLR Video
NFS: Master Perspective
NFS: How Zoom Can Affect An Image
NFS: Creating the 8mm Look in Premiere Pro
NFS: How Your Score can Serve Your Story
NFS: Four Tips for Harnessing the Power of Natural Sound
NFS: Why You Should Work With a Co-Director

Film Business Tips:

NFS: Vimeo Business Features


NFS: The Best Shots in Cinema
NFS: ‘The Good Postman’ – Breaking Documentary Rules
NFS: Documentary Workflow – Saving You in Post
NFS: Shooting Uncomfortable Realities


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