Kellen Playford

NUA [MA] Moving Image and Sound

Self Negotiated Unit

SNU - Copy

SNU stands for Self-Negotiated Unit. The unit “encourages you to critique key aspects of the creation and perception of sound in relation to moving images, and aims to provide you with hands-on conceptual and technical skills relevant to the creation of original audio-visual work.” The unit is worth 30 credits towards my Masters degree.

We will develop and submit a critical evaluation that contextualises our current work and its potential outcomes. This will be supported by a body of practical work and related research files which demonstrates both the research and development of ideas along with the finished outcomes.

  • Week 1 (29/09/16): Unit Briefing and Manifesto Pop-up Display
  • Week 2 (06/10/16): Developing a Research Question
  • Week 3 (13/10/16): Practice Based Approaches
  • Week 4 (20/10/16): Practice as Research
  • Week 5 (27/10/16): Research into Practice
  • Week 6 (03/11/16): Introducing the Research Report
  • Week 7 (10/11/16): Independent Study – Collaborative Practice
  • Week 8 (17/11/16): Writing the Research Report
  • Week 9 (24/11/16): Collaborative Practice Pop-up Review
  • Week 10 (01/12/16): Peer Based Work Review
  • Week 12 (15/12/16): Deadline for Work Submission

A copy of my Research Report, titled The Golden Age of Gear: Documentary Filmmaking and New Technologies can be downloaded here.

My body of work for assessment is also online here.

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