Kellen Playford

NUA [MA] Moving Image and Sound

Research Into Practice Unit


RIPU stands for Research Into Practice Unit, and is designed primarily to encourage students to consider new ways of thinking and reflecting on their practice. It challenges us to engage with concepts, theories and methods that may seem unfamiliar, and encourages students to consider how their practice may evolve through an appreciation of the wider issues of art, design and media. The unit is worth 30 credits towards my Masters degree.

We will develop and submit a research report that critically reflects upon our research and development in this unit. This will be supported by a body of practical work and related research material which demonstrates both the research and development of ideas along with the finished outcomes.

A copy of my Research Report, titled The Golden Age of Gear: Documentary Filmmaking and New Technologies can be downloaded here.

My body of work for assessment is also online here.

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