Despite very little planning and even less publication, today we put on a show for the public at East Gallery, asking them to come and and watch our work (some of which was still in progress).

18010955_10154245600110213_4357111708038751090_nFran designed a little poster for us and Liam spent the last couple of days programming the event for us. Not everyone in the group screened something, but some people had lots of work on show. It was a mixed bag film, animation, sound art, and live performances, and despite only really advertising via email from 48 hours before, we had a really good turn out of about 40-50 people. We had free wine, which probably helped. The crowd was made up of students, friends, and the public, and that included Laure, who was equal parts eager and terrified to see herself up on the big screen.

The show started at 6pm with a sound piece by Dom Theobald called Wok Bell Melodica (01.52).

Emmaalouise Smith then followed with her short film, Communication (03.37).

There was an animation next, called Misplaced in Space (03.00) by Emily Fisher. I really liked this piece. It was short and sweet and dealt with memory and loss in a visual way.

What followed was a sound piece called I Remember (05.35) by Emma Bates. It was an audio description of her old house with added sound effects to evoke mood and memory, and while it sounded interested, I would have enjoyed some visuals.

Fran Kennedy then screened her short film, The Sound of Norfolk Gin (02.00), which was an experimentation with foley, where the actions on screen didn’t quite match up with the sounds the audience heard.

Another film followed next, Bronwen (03.42), by Bonnie Scott. I actually thought this was one of Emmaalouise’s films as the style was quite similar. It dealt with a girl on her way to school and was quite dramatic and emotional.

At about 6.20, it was finally time to screen my film, An Exquisite Agony (05.13), which I had been somewhat nervous about. It looked good on the screen and people seemed to enjoy it.

After that, we had another sound piece from Dom, G4/2 (02.15).

The first part of the evening finished with a live musical improvisation performance by Ranieri Spina, called Heroes Talk (10.00). He played his guitar with a loop peddle, but also mixed in the sounds of household objects and toys, mixing and blending and looping the sounds as he went. It was incredibly interesting to watch him play and I feel like he could’ve easily gone on for a lot longer. I think he stopped after about 15 minutes.

The break was a good chance to chat about the work we’d just seen and grab another glass of wine. I got a lot of positive feedback from my film, from Laure and others. It was said that I managed to capture her style perfectly on film, and that was just about the best compliment I could have imagined. I now need to think about how I’ve going to extend this to other artists and their styles, but that’s a problem for another day.

The second part of the evening started about 7pm with a live visual performance by Marian Saunders called The Untuned Ear (13.00).

What followed next was a ‘secret’, unscheduled piece from Leo Baldwin-Ramult (05.00) which required everyone to wear a blindfold. There was a conversation played between a couple in a museum, but I’ve no idea why we needed blindfolds. I’d be interested to see if anything else went on.

Dom had two more sound pieces after that, called Descant (03.39) and Flood (00.59).

Next up was a piece I had been hearing about for some time, the collaboration between Emmaalouise and Ranieri. The film was called Landscape (06.02). I enjoyed the mixed of live action and still footage, the layering of sounds, and the way the piece was put together.

Dom played another piece of sound, called Question (00.52).

Emmaalouise screened her final film of the night, called Where Do You Go (07.12),about the running community, and it played with interviews and binaural sounds along with POV footage. It was maybe my favourite film of the night.

We followed that with another film from Marian, Samsung Tocco Lite (01.30).

There was a short film by Orietta Subrizi next, called 10 Degrees of Separation (02.30).

The evening finished with a live visual/musical performance from Neil Earl called Cheap Trip (20.00). He was mixing on his laptop in front of some computerised visuals on screen. 

In all, I really enjoyed the whole exhibition, and I was impressed with the standard of everyone’s work. Considering I had known nothing about any of them before hand, it was a pleasant surprise. A few photos from Dom:

Since the exhibition finished quite early, Sam, Emmaalouise, and I headed over to Studio 20 to see another exhibition on a similar theme. It was curated by fellow MA student Megan Ryder, and was called Listen.