Today I spent most of my time searching the internet for some inspiration. I’ve never really considered working on a film where the sound was the priority (excluding music videos) so I’m just really after some inspiration. I don’t really know what I want to make yet, so I’m hoping that this search might ignite some creative sparks.

Siemens Sound of Wind

(Ogilyvy & Mather, 2014)

I found this nice little promo video made for Siemens in 2014. Siemens had been chosen by MidAmerican Energy to manufacture an onshore wind farm, and they wanted to celebrate that by hiring musician Will Bates to tell the story through sound. Bates travelled through Iowa recording a huge library of sounds that were related to the air or wind and then arranged the notes to create a rendition of Strauss’ Blue Danube. What I love about this is the way everyday sounds which are often overlooked (is that the right word?) are pieced together to create something beautiful and melodic.

Night Walk In Marseille

(72andSunny, 2015)

This project seems completely different to most other things I’ve found, but it struck a chord with me. Google created a documentary to motivate people to use their products, and this film focuses on a woman who utilises binaural sound technology and StreetView to immerse users in the natural sounds of Marseille. It also combines embedded 360 degree videos, text information, and music, to create an immersive experience which can be shared with people all over the world. I love the combination here of documentary, technology, and storytelling, and it’s a really interesting approach to exploration and education. I wonder whether this could be mobilised in an app, for example, so that when people are travelling through places, the GPS in their phone will highlight specific stories or information about the places they’re visiting.

Merry Beeping Christmas

(Publicis London, 2015)

This is just an amusing little advert from Oral B which tries to capture a more natural Christmas environment, rather than the picture perfect one we are often presented with in commercials. The thing I like about this is the use of music and beeps, which is almost like a deconstruction of the tune, rather than a reconstruction. It’s not so much about what we hear, but what we don’t hear. I wonder if this could be pushed and tested so that certain aspects of familiar tunes are removed or even just modified to create something else, would it still be recognisable?

Soundlab Container

(Saatchi & Saatchi, 2015)

I love this project from the Leica Gallery in São Paulo. To celebrate 100 years of Leica and the opening of the gallery, Soundlab was developed. Six of the most important and iconic photographs ever taken with Leica cameras were chosen, and then musicians and sound engineers re-imagined and recorded the sounds of the moment the photos were taken with binaural and 3D technology, putting the viewer in the moment. This is a project I would love to recreate and expand upon, although with my preference being in film/moving image, it does somewhat miss the point of recapturing phonic moments from a still image, however it would be interesting to choose old still photographs from my own past and try to create a montage with them by recreating the sounds which I think were happening at the time.

So far I’ve found a lot of promising material which has been quite inspiring, though if anything it has made it harder to narrow down what I actually want to do. 

Some other links that Liam sent us:

Everyday Listening – Website about sound experiments and sound theory. Interesting piece about THE TANK and music/reverb.

Film Sound – Huge website about pretty much every aspect of film sound you can think of. Lots of cool interviews, articles, and guides.

Reflections on Process in Sound – An ongoing journal/magazine where artists explore the processes of sound art.

The Artist and the Listening Machine – Chapter from a book called ‘On Listening’ by Angus Carlyle and Cathy Lane. Considers the idea of how people listen, and if that translates to machines/technology.

Steve Feld – Field Recording – Interview of Steve Feld by Angus Carlyle about a career in field recording in relation to social anthropology.