Today’s unit brief was with Judith and Marie, and I’m pretty sure neither of them know anything about film, so I don’t know why they were there. All they did was read through a slideshow of the unit brief pdf, speak in broad and general ‘art terms’, and advise us to read the VLE. A good use of an hour, I feel. The main gist of it was that ASU2 is all about ‘acquiring subject specific skills’, ‘exploring the boundaries of our subject’, and ‘engaging in a variety of concepts’. All MA jargon, really.

In brief, here are the LEARNING OUTCOMES which should hopefully guide the unit:

LO13: Identify and apply concepts and principles associated with your subject to a range of professional contexts and environments. We will be looking for breadth and depth in your experimentation with concepts, issues, materials and processes relating to sound creation and perception. We will be looking for resolution of ideas into final outcomes.

LO14: Employ appropriate methods, processes and materials to produce experimental and finished work relevant to current practice in your area. We will be looking for evidence of your decision making in developing and rejecting concepts towards viable solutions in your reflective journal and supporting documentation.

LO15: Examine complex problems in your area of study and articulate a range of solutions. We will be looking for a conceptual and technical understanding of sound creation and perception and an explanation of how this impacts on your own work.

LO16: Evidence your understanding of professional practice and the creative industries relevant to your subject area. We will be looking for a sustained and rigorous approach to completing your Learning Agreement and reflective journal that shows your development, reflection and understanding of working at a postgraduate level.


Our seminar with Liam and the other MAMIAS students, on the other hand, was much more promising. It wasn’t revolutionary, but it helped to have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor and a group who all wanted to talk about film / sound. It makes me wonder why on Earth we haven’t had this set up before? Just one more reason I dislike RIPU and the organisation of this MA.

Liam outlinesd the LOs again and explained how they might relate more specifically to us and the unit, then dropped in that our work from this module would be going in an exhibition. Instead of a final crit on April 27th, he’s booked the East Gallery at NUA and we’re going to have a public show of all our work. No pressure. The starting block, in terms of a theme is a ‘sound map of Norwich‘, but in reality we can do pretty much whatever we want. I’ve not thought too much about ideas and what I want to do yet, so hopefully I can find some inspiration later.

We also managed to do some course specific chatting and discussed a few practitioners who we should probably research further, including:

  • Delia Derbyshire
    • 1960s onward, electronic music, music concrete, radio / television music and scores (including Dr Who theme tune).
      delia (400x266)
  • Laurie Anderson
    • 1970s onward, avant-garde composer, musician, and film director. Electronic music and spoken word / poetry. Invented several experimental instruments.
      laurie (400x266)
  • Philip Glass
    • 1960s onward, minimalist musician and composer of operas, musical theatres, concertos and film scores.
      Philip (400x266)

I came away from the session feeling optimistic that the course might finally be kicking off, and that we might actually be doing some useful film work this year. It’s also nice to finally be in a room with like-minded students. What a relief. Although many students in the group seem to be considering experimental or performance led pieces, I think I will stick to film, and try to find a way to make the sound more interesting.